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Name:Adel Fiddler
Birthdate:Jan 1


☩ General Info ☩

Name: Adel Fiddler
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red
Abilities: Necromancy, such as channeling spirits, summoning zombies, manipulating the dead & their bodies, as well as taking the life force of those close to death.
Weaknesses: Low stamina, low physical strength.
Personality: Lazy. He enjoys sleeping and reading and hates getting into conflicts; he'd rather run away than fight. The only time he'll put effort into anything is trying to bring his friend back to life and in this regard he can be a bit reckless in terms of his own health. Deep down he's a good guy, and secretly lonely ):

☩ Background ☩

Ten years ago Adel and his childhood friend Matt lived in pretty much the boondocks of his world in a backwater village and things were great. One day they ventured into the deeper part of the forest which had been deemed forbidden, and there they came upon a decayed structure. Within it was stored the cursed Grimmoire of the most dangerous Necromancer in history, Ashur, and without knowing this they took the book home. Nothing they did opened it until Adel cut his finger and slipped blood onto its cover; instantly it opened and filled him with its curse while wiping out all life in the village. Overcome at the horror of what he'd done and the supreme loneliness he faced, Adel resurrected Matt and since then they've been on a journey to bring him back to life before the curse kills Adel.

☩ OOC ☩

Player: Dolly
AIM: we were british
PB: Irel from Raiders
Layout: Layout Codes

This journal is for [info]paradisaccord; a musebox and/or dressingroom RP for [info]paradisa meant for OCs only.

Adel and anything related to him is from my own personal work; so...yeah. idk. don't steal this character who has no official canon or else.


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